Social experiment: Cleverbot Turing Test

Can you tell who is who? Is it at least a little difficult sometimes?


U: Hey, do you know what’s up with my Internet signal?

C: Why didn’t you correct me, bananas are yellow? Do you just ignore things when you don’t understand them.

U: That’s such a weird response. What do you mean?

C: It means sometimes you have to face the gravity of things.

U: Things that I don’t understand have gravity?

C: Do you need some one to talk to?

U: It would be nice but I don’t want to force anyone to talk to me. :).

C: Can you guess what I’m thinking?

U: Probably not. The likelihood that I would return a correct answer is quite low.

C: Why you tell me that?

Y: Because it’s the most correct answer I could think of.

C: Lol.

Y: Do you mind if I post this to Facebook?

C: Sure I guess so.

Y: Sure you guess you mind or sure it is ok for me to post this to Facebook?

C: Sure I want to.

Y: You’re sure you want to do what?

C: Get real… Coca cola.

Y: Lol.

C: My name is Cleverbot.

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