Communication is Important

How many times have you sat through a meeting, talked about a bunch of awesome stuff, then walked out the door and realized that you have no idea what happens next? Or you feel like you’re annoying your client with the twenty questions it’s taking you to make absolutely¬†sure that you understand the brief?

Good communication skills are one of the most, if not¬†the most essential skills to being successful in life and business. That client you feel like you’re annoying (you’re probably not) will appreciate it later when you come back with exactly what they want. It took me a long time to get comfortable asking in-depth questions and not leaving until I was sure that I knew what they wanted. When I was younger, I would just sort of nod and smile and hope that I understood what they meant by “we want a 45 fillet on the top left rounded body plate” or something. Then I’d go home, try to figure it out, then when all else failed, guess and hope I was right. It’s a lot of added stress and it’s not necessary at all.

I feel like a lot of new designers out there might get nervous about “looking dumb” when they ask a bunch of questions or even ask someone to slow down or stop talking for a second so they can write some notes. You don’t, and you would look a lot dumber if you kept coming back with the wrong design over and over again. Do what it takes for you to complete the design properly, and people will be appreciative for it in the end.


Oh yea, and if you know an example exists, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask to see it.

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